Hi! Welcome! As you can see I decided to tackle my own business. Hang my own shingle. Eeek! I also decided to create my own website vs. hire a web designer since at my core I hate to be told that something is too hard for me. Double eeek!  I guess this is a bonus since the core of my business  requires me to help people do hard stuff. Like feel better, try new things and color outside the lines. I can't wait to help people feel empowered and in control. I won't go off on a tangent but I think for many when they "know" better they do better. I can't wait to help people get to "know" better. 

Excited to get started, but nervous. What am I forgetting? For some reason chatting nutrition in the hall seems so much easier than meeting with a client. If only we could all just be friends who meet for coffee and get support for our crazy busy lives, millions of mixed messages we are sent about health, nutrition, and cooking and general lack of work-life balance. If only! So until then, I'm going to see how many people I can help 1:1. I can't wait. 

In the meantime, those of you who made it this far.... please take a look around. If you see something wonky or are left with more questions than answers....please let me know. And if you know anyone who could benefit from nutritional therapy.....let them know about Nosh to Nourish Wellness. I will be working with a limited number of people because I can't run off and quit my day gig, but I will keep a waiting list. 

Until I think of something else exciting to say...