Eggs.  Butter. Mustard. Lemon. Fermented Hot Sauce. Can it really get any better? Nope. 

There are no fewer than 128574 (or so) amazing Hollandaise Sauce recipes on the internet, but I think you need one more. Mine. Not sure how you cook, but I am a "some of this and some of that cook" most of the time. And by that I mean half of this, 2 of that kind of measuring. My point? This recipes requires no real measuring. Yes! 

You will need 1 large block of Kerrygold butter, 6 pasture-raised egg yolks (or half a dozen), the juice of half an organic lemon (or more or less) and a splash of mustard (something amazing that you love) and a splash of fermented hot sauce. Salt and pepper may come in handy depending on personal taste preferences. No need to get out anything bigger than a teaspoon. And since you will want to put this on everything and possibly even eat it with a spoon you should follow these steps ASAP....

1. Melt butter in a pint mason jar in a water bath until very hot (not boiling).

2. Separate egg yolks from whites. 

2. Pour egg yolks into high-speed blender (Vitamin or BlendTec) and add lemon juice, mustard and hot sauce (and anything else you want!). 

3. Turn blender on low for 5 seconds then increase speed to max/near max.

4. Pour hot butter in slowly (10-15 seconds) and watch the magic happen. Let it blend for an additional 10-15 seconds to thicken. 

5. Store in the mason jar in the refrigerator. Do not microwave to reheat. May be reheated in a mason jar placed in a water bath (takes 3-5 minutes).